The theme of this workshop is Chinese text processing with R. I will introduce a few useful R libraries that can be utilized for text analytic tasks. Also, I will focus on an important step in Chinese processing, namely, the word segmentation/tokenization, and show how to attend to this step in the pipeline. Finally, I will demonstrate a few potential applications of data analysis & visualization with the help of the attractive informative graphs with R.

Structure of the Workshop

  • Environment Setup
  • Loading Text Data
  • Chinese Word Segmentation
  • Applications


All the data sets and the R scripts used in this workshop can be downloaded here as a zipped file: (Click the Download button to download everything as a zipped file).

After downloading, unzip the file and you will see a new directory, WorkshopHKSYU, in the directory where you save the zipped file.

In this WorkshopHKSYU directory, you will find all the R script files (WorkshopHKSYU/*.R) and a sub-directory (WorkshopHKSYU/demo_data) required for this workshop.

Please double click the R script file to start your RStudio/R.


In the workshop notes, the text boxes in light blue refer to the R codes that you need to run in the R console. The text boxes in black background show the outputs of the code processing.

We will follow this presentation convention throughout the entire notes.

print('Hello! R!')
[1] "Hello! R!"



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