Course Data Dropbox Drive

Throughout the semester, we may need a few datasets for our hands-on tutorial sessions as well as assignments. All the data we use in class are available on the Dropbox drive. Please download the data from the following link as a zipped file and unzip the data to your working directory. (NB: The data is limited to enrolled students only. Please ask the instructor for the access code.)

Working Directory Setup

It is highly recommended that you create a Working_Directory to save all the course materials. Under your working directory, you place the unzipped ENC2045_demo_data directory. Also under your Working_Directory are all the notebook files you create for the tutorials and assignments.

With the above file structure, if you want to access a particular file in the demo_data in your jupyter notebook, you may access it using the following path:

A final note is that it is strongly recommended to always set your working directory of the jupyter notebook to your Working_Directory before you run the scripts.

Google Colab

We will also use Google Colab to run the notebooks during the class sessions (esp. for tasks that require GPU computing). We assume that you have downloaded all the necessary datasets onto your Google Drive (Your_Google_Drive_Root/ENC2045_demo_data/). When executing the notebook on Google Colab, we can mount the Google Drive and access necessary files directly from Google Drive.


A few more suggestions regarding the naming of the files and directories:

The above principles should apply to all the intermediate directories on the path that lead to your Working_Directory. Sticking to these principles will definitely make your life much easier. Please trust me.