Course Data Dropbox Drive

Throughout the semester, we may need a few datasets for our hands-on tutorial sessions. All the data we use in class are available on the Dropbox drive. Please download the data from the following link as a zipped file and unzip the data to your working directory. (NB: The data is limited to registered students only. Please ask the instructor for the access code.)

Working Directory Setup

It is highly recommended that you create a Working_Directory to save all the course materials. Under your working directory, you place the unzipped demo_data directory. Also under your Working_Directory are all the R script files you create for the tutorials and assignments.

With the above file structure, if you want to access a particular file in the demo_data in your R script, you may access it using the following path:

  • Absolute Path: Path_to_Your_Working_Directory/demo_data/dataset1.csv
  • Relative Path: demo_data/dataset1.csv

A final note is that it is strongly recommended to always set your working directory of the R environment to your Working_Directory before you run the scripts.


A few more suggestions regarding the naming of the files and directories:

  • Do not use Chinese characters
  • Do not use any spaces
  • Do not include punctuations or weird symbols in the filenames (except for underscore _)
  • All filenames are case-sensitive in R. Be careful of the letter-casing.

The above principles should apply to all the intermediate directories on the path that lead to your Working_Directory. Sticking to these principles will definitely make your life much easier. Please trust me.